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Sytze Steenstra: 0031-6-28072072 / 0031-43-3540765; sytzesteenstra@mixed-media.info

I publish in Dutch as well as in English, mostly in an essayistic mode. In my writing, I try out combinations of diverse points of view, scholarly discourses, artistic disciplines, modes of experience, call it what you want. This often requires research, in which I have a good deal of experience. Sometimes I write as free-lance journalist, for example for art magazines, Museumtijdschrift and HTV de IJsberg, and essays for art catalogues.

See below for my books and contributions to books.

SInce 2010 I write a blog, in Dutch, consisting of short and longer essays on philosophy, the arts, life in general:  http://sytzesteenstra.wordpress.com/. ‘Reclame voor ziekte’(‘Advertising for disease’) was picked up by the newsletter of NCZ, a network of healthcare clients; another essay, ‘Het zwart in de romans van A. S. Byatt’ (‘The black in A. S. Byatt’s novels’) was republished on OoteOote, a literary filter blog.


Song and Circumstance

Song and Circumstance. The work of David Byrne from Talking Heads to the present.
New York and London: Continuum Books, 2010. 

“Scrupulously researched and uncannily on-the money” – David Byrne

To “look inside” this book, go to http://www.amazon.com/Song-Circumstance-David-Talking-Present/dp/0826441688#reader_

Song and Circumstance” is recommended by Design Observer (“design, culture, change”): “a superbly wide-ranging, detailed and insightful analysis of the rock star, filmmaker, artist, and design collaborator’s multifaceted oeuvre”. (http://designobserver.com/books_recommended.html)

We Are The Noise Between Stations

We Are The Noise Between Stations.
A philosophical exploration of the work of David Byrne, at the crossroads of popular media, conceptual art, and performance theatre.

Maastricht: Mixed Media, 2003.


Selected for Best Books of 2003 by Vrij Nederland magazine

Inleiding in de filosofie 1 inleiding in de filosofie 2 inleiding in de filosofie 3 inleiding in de filosofie 4

Inleiding in de Filosofie: het ware, het goede en het schone. [Introduction to Philosophy: the True, the Good and the Beautiful] Courseteamleader SytzeSteenstra. Open University of the Netherlands, Heerlen, 1994: four volumes. (out of print)
Vol. 1 Greek Antiquity and Middle Ages
Vol. 2 Modern Philosophy
Vol. 3 Contemporary Philosophy
Vol. 4 Reader

Essays, introductions, book contributions:
In English:


Conceptual Cartoons in Suggestion City.
Catalogue essay, in: “It’s Nice To Be Nice, Try It”. Seoul, Zuid-Korea, 2009.

Warped Flow Gadget

Warped Flow Gadget.
Catalogue essay, in: “Warped Flow Gadget”. Seoul, Zuid-Korea, 2008.

dot dot dot

David Byrne: Getting the I out of design.
Dot dot dot, graphic design magazine, 2002.


Neutralizing… Now! Or, International Rescue, the Fantastic Reality of the 21st Century.
Jean Fisher (ed.) “Reverberations. Tactics of Resistance, Forms of Agency in Trans/cultural Practices”. Jan van Eyck Akademie Editions, 2000.

"Man is actually chaos". The poetics of early Romanticism.
The HTV 51, art paper, 2004.
www.mixed-media.info/Man is actually chaos

In Dutch:

Ine Schröder

“Uit het dagboek van de tastzin”, in: Ine Schröder. Rimburg: Huis Clos, 2009.

[contribution, art catalogue, “From the diary of the sense of touch”]

zagen op zondag

“Een groot ding te logeren”, in: Ron Bernstein: Zagen op Zondag. Maastricht: Elephantine Press, 2009.

[introduction, artist’s book/performance documentation, “A big thing as house guest”]

zonder wrijving geen glans

“Halverwege onbevangenheid. Over het beeldende werk van David Byrne”, in: Zonder Wrijving Geen Glans. Curatorentraject Het Proces en de tentoonstelling Stop Making Sense. Amsterdam: Kunstenaars &Co, 2009.

[contribution, exhibition catalogue, “Halfway to open-mindedness. On the visual art of David Byrne”]

pop in literatuur

De besmettelijkheid van jingles. Don DeLillo’s Underworld als soundtrack.
In: Maarten Steenmeijer (red) Pop in literatuur. Utrecht: IJzer, 2005.

[book contribution: “Contagious jingles. Don DeLillo’s ‘Underworld’ as soundtrack”]

stadsgalerij heerlen

Ron Bernstein. Catalogus, Stadsgalerij Heerlen, 2001.

[catalogue contribution]


“Nawoord”, in: Walter Benjamin: Eenrichtingsverkeer. Vertaling Sytze Steenstra. Amsterdam:
Sauternes, 1991.

[Afterword and translation of Benjamin’s “One-Way Street”]

Stijl als grondslag. Het filosofisch schrijverschap van Adorno. Krisis, tijdschrift voor filosofie.
[academic article: “Style as foundation. Adorno’s philosophical authorship”]
Zijn er nog vragen? David Byrne als conceptuele songwriter en het experimentele theater.
Armada, Tijdschrift voor wereldliteratuur, 2006.
[article: “Are there any questions? David Byrne as conceptual songwriter and experimental theatre”]
“Polderfotomodel” in: Judith Boer: Gekopte tulpen langs de Lange Slaper. Maastricht, 2001. [text for artist’s book]
“De cultuurkritiek van de Frankfurter Schule” in: Denken over cultuur. Gebruik en misbruik van een concept. Heerlen: Open Universiteit, 1993. [course chapter]

Museumtijdschrift, Jan/Feb 2011: Leon Golub.