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Josh Moll — coach

For an introductory meeting, call [0031]-[0]6-42466116, or mail: joshmoll@mixed-media.info.

Josh works as a certified coach. She has a post-graduate degree as coach and is an accredited coach-practitioner (EMCC EQA). She works as coach since the year 2000. Before that, while teaching at art school she helped students develop their personal creativity and vision, and as IT teacher she helped trainees in the process of occupational re-training. She has also given advise on process management to  small and mid-size business companies.

Josh knows from personal experience what it means to have to change one’s life drastically. She has chronic neuro-sarcoidosis, which has undermined her health and left her disabled. She may help clients who are undergoing similarly difficult changes.

In her work, Josh has a special interest for the problems and needs of the highly gifted. She wrote an article on this to document her research (in Dutch only): De intensiteit van hoogbegaafde kinderen: de theorie van de overexcitabilities van Kazimierz Dabrowski.

Aims and method

My aim as coach is to help clients to transform a complex of wishes and barriers into a clear goal with an accompanying work plan. The point is to address obstacles in work and private life, to enable the client to go on in a healthy and productive way.

Each coaching trajectory begins with an introductory meeting in which the client explains the situation, his or her wishes and the problems which he or she experiences in reaching those goals. I explain my working method and discuss the help I can offer.

The next step is to agree on a coaching trajectory, which is accompanied by a detailed written tender. The duration of the trajectory depends on the situation of the client; a coaching trajectory usually requires from five up to ten sessions. When more than five sessions are planned, a half-way evaluation is part of the deal.

During coaching sessions I work together with the client, on specific goal-oriented exercises and tasks (some of which the client is expected to make at home) to develop insight in the problems and to come up with appropriate solutions. As a regular part of each trajectory, I work with the client to put together a detailed and piece-meal plan to realize the changes that have been agreed upon. This plan is an overview of specific measures aimed at step by step turning the existing situation into the desired situation.

My coaching may also take the form of career advice, aimed exclusively at an improvement of a work situation. In some cases this may include meetings with work colleagues or management.

In some cases, coaching sessions can be held by Skype (internet videophone)

Clients include: Maastricht University, Arbo Unie BV, Hogeschool Maastricht, and private clients.